Clean energy. Delivered.

Drawing from over 70 years of experience in developing energy infrastructure, BMR Energy combines its expertise with local knowledge to diligently facilitate projects and deliver exceptional results in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Backed by the financial resources of the Virgin Group, we work closely with our customers and partners to build clean, reliable and resilient energy infrastructure at the lowest available cost – every solution customized to meet the needs of each unique customer and region.

Our Services

Development Manage each stage of a renewable energy project, identify necessary equipment and infrastructure and coordinate between key stakeholders.

Construction oversight Apply technical expertise to manage all necessary contracts and materials and implement timely and successful project construction.

Project financing Provide the expertise and relationships necessary to partner with developers seeking financing for their energy project.

Asset management Oversee all contracts, operations and maintenance for operational projects and manage environmental, community and governmental relations matters.

Equity investment Invest equity to fund projects with a vision of long-term ownership and management.

Customized project development and investment solutions at any stage of an energy project

Greenfield start – BMR has the expertise necessary to develop a project from greenfield. We start by determining the customer’s unique needs, then we identify the ideal technologies and energy solutions, develop the necessary funding agreements, secure required permits and contract local workers to build the project and oversee the facility over the long term.

Post PPA – BMR can help developers successfully build projects by offering support on permitting, contracting, financing and construction oversight. BMR also invests equity required by lenders and stays with the project through commissioning and ongoing operation and maintenance.

Pre-financing – Some late-stage projects have already navigated power purchase agreements, permitting requirements and contracting deals, but may need an equity partner to obtain the lowest cost financing. BMR offers both financial expertise and equity investment to help finance and finalize energy projects.

Mid-construction – BMR joins projects as a financial partner by investing equity in existing projects and offering competitive options for developers looking to scale back or transition out of ownership.

Operating – For developers looking to exit projects and redeploy their capital, BMR acquires or invests in operating projects. We can offer new funding for partners wanting to exit entirely or provide opportunities for existing owners to stay engaged at various levels of project ownership. BMR is committed to the projects we own and will make improvements to facilities as necessary to ensure that our projects are optimally powering the communities we serve.

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