BMR Energy’s Community Impact

Invested for the Long-Term

Our Vision: Beyond the Project


BMR Energy is committed to improving the lives of people where we work.

Delivering clean, affordable and reliable energy to support their growing economies is key to our mission, along with creating safe, stable local jobs and contracting with local businesses. Our work directly contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change and enhancing regional climate resiliency.

In addition to creating positive outcomes through our business model, we also aim to create positive change at the community level. Our community impact initiatives span infrastructure upgrades, renewable energy educational programming and community development and engagement.

We invite you to explore a detailed selection of the community-centered initiatives we have undertaken throughout our company’s history in our Corporate Responsibility Report.

Our company’s vision is to go beyond building energy infrastructure to enhancing the surrounding communities. From day one, we engage with local residents on project impact, and we remain within the community to collaborate on ongoing improvements that benefit daily lives now and foster future success. – Bruce Levy, CEO, BMR Energy
BMR is a shining example of how to be a good corporate citizen. You can do business and be a good corporate citizen. The two are not incompatible – Fayval Williams, Former Jamaican Minister of Science, Energy and Technology
This project represents a great convergence of science, energy and technology to serve the people and make their lives better … There’s no one path to building a brighter future for Jamaica, and initiatives between the public and private sectors are crucial to securing Jamaica’s energy future. – Daryl Vaz, Jamaican Minister of Science, Energy and Technology

Community infrastructure upgrades

  • Installed solar panels and battery storage system to fulfill all operating energy needs for a public library
  • Upgraded pedestrian accessibility on public roads to improve safety in high-traffic areas
  • Built a permanent bus shelter and safe bus offloading area for local students
  • Renovated an elementary school kitchen that provides free breakfast for up to 75 students every day
  • Constructed a potable water tank for a local community center

Community development and engagement

  • Sponsored a weekend baseball clinic for local youth, led by Jamaica-born MLB player Justin Masterson
  • Donated Covid-19 PPE and cleaning equipment to hospitals, emergency services and schools
  • Provided dietary supplements to expectant mothers in Guatemala to help eradicate chronic malnutrition
  • Donated a police vehicle to help local law enforcement combat agricultural theft at Jamaican farms
  • Completed several renovation projects for schools and community organizations
  • Regularly donate laptops, tablets and computers to schools

Renewable energy education initiatives

  • Offer educational tours of our solar and wind farms for students and community members
  • Partnered with and trained local students to launch the Caribbean’s first-ever postconstruction Avian Monitoring Program
  • Employ and mentor local engineering students each year through our summer internship program
  • Held a hands-on solar energy workforce industry training program to build career skills for community members
  • Host students at our facilities as part of annual renewable energy education initiatives in conjunction with public and private agencies

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