Community Impact

With a wealth of experience developing energy projects globally and in the Caribbean, BMR has many long-term ties to the region. One measure of our success is the well-being of the people who live where we work, and we are committed to going beyond energy development in our support for thriving, sustainable communities.

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Jamaica Wind Project

In July 2016, BMR’s 36 MW wind farm in Jamaica began operationas the country’s largest private-sector renewable energy project. The wind farm is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 66,000 tons each year and provide clean energy to 25,000 customers throughout Jamaica Public Service Company. While developing this project, we leveraged our resources to be good neighbors and provide additional support to surrounding communities.

Before starting construction of the wind farm, we recruited employees within the community. We held job and contractor fairs that enabled us to hire local contractors and members of surrounding parishes contributed about 90 percent of labor hours for the wind farm construction. During construction of the project, we also invested in local facilities and infrastructure. We paved dirt roads in an adjacent community and added glass windows to a local elementary school. We also donated a police vehicle to the local constabulary and have been gradually upgrading a local living facility for the developmentally disabled.