We deliver clean energy to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Drawing on deep experience developing, financing and operating clean energy infrastructure projects across the world, BMR Energy brings unparalleled expertise to the development of clean energy projects in the Caribbean and Latin America. We’re making the vision of cleaner, more affordable energy for Caribbean and Latin American communities a reality by developing, owning and operating projects across the region.

Our Projects


Green Solar Project

  • Location: Estanzuela, Zacapa Department, Guatemala
  • Type: Solar
  • Size: 7 MW (DC), 5 MW (AC); 23,100 pv panels
  • Context: BMR agreed to purchase the operational (active since 2015) solar farm in October 2017.
  • Impact: Local utility Energuate will purchase power.

BMR Jamaica Wind Project

  • Location: Potsdam, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
  • Type: Wind
  • Size: 36-megawatts
  • Context: Fuel imports account for 90% of Jamaica's energy needs.
  • Impact: Reduced greenhouse gases by 66,000 tons C02 equivalent per year (the equivalent to taking 13,000 cars off the road per year).
U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Croix Project Repair and Improvement

  • Location: Spanish Town, St. Croix
  • Type: Solar
  • Size: 4-megawatts
  • Context: Originally built in 2015, BMR Energy acquired the solar farm from NRG in 2018 after the facility endured damage during Hurricane Maria. The project will was fully restored in November 2018. In addition to repairing the damage from the storm, BMR has also included numerous new features to improve the facility’s resilience to withstand future storms.
  • Impact: At its full capacity, the St. Croix solar facility generates power for approximately 1,600 homes.