BMR Energy's Guatemala Green Solar Project

Strengthening Solar in Guatemala

Guatemala is the second largest Central American power market, with a growing momentum for renewable energy use.

Relatively high levels of solar irradiance and large areas of cleared land give the country strong potential for increased solar energy development.

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13,500 megawatt hours
generated per year

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22,000 solar

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Located in
Zacapa, Guatemala

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since 2014

BMR Energy acquired the Green Solar project in 2017, bringing financial stability and an increased focus on operational excellence.


  • Supplies 13,500 MWh of power to 4,500 households through Energuate utility.
  • Local Guatemalan staff provide support for all operation, maintenance and commercial management at the site.
  • Power provided to the local grid decreases the amount of fuel oil that needs to be burned to provide electricity.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 10,000 tons of CO2 equivalent per year – the equivalent of taking 2,141 cars off the road each year.


The original owners of the Green Solar project approached BMR seeking financial investment. As part of its evaluation process, BMR determined that the solar farm offered a strong return that was supported by Guatemala’s well-established and stable regulatory system.

BMR navigated a complex and cooperative sales process that involved four owners across three legal jurisdictions. Before closing on the project, BMR identified and remedied a number of technical deficiencies that optimized the plant’s operations.

The Green Solar farm has expansion capacity under BMR’s ownership

Beyond the Project

BMR is committed to going beyond energy development and promoting thriving, sustainable communities.

In the Zacapa area surrounding its solar project, BMR will be providing support to local schools and other community initiatives

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