September 26, 2022 | by BMR Energy Staff

After almost a decade of operation, we are proud of the growth we have achieved while never compromising on sustainability and good corporate citizenship – values that we will continue to prioritize as we plan and develop new projects across the Caribbean and Central America.

As a developer, owner and operator of renewable energy infrastructure, sustainability is key to our core mission, as we generate 185,000 MWh of clean, resilient, low-cost energy across operations in five countries every year, saving 108,000 tons of annual carbon emissions while prioritizing local economies, employing local workers and contracting with local businesses.

We believe that an integral part of making positive change while doing business is investing in the communities where we operate, which we achieve by developing local infrastructure, participating in renewable energy initiatives and helping our neighbors with projects that contribute to community health, safety and quality of life.

We welcome you to explore in detail a selection of our community-centered initiatives inĀ BMR Energy’s 2022 Corporate Responsibility Report.